Re: Total and Balance at the end of the table

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I got five columns
Date, Number, Particulars, Debit Amount, Credit Amount in a table. I want to have total for Debit Amount and Credit Amount and also balance in the next line. The Automatic Calculation (Sum) is not enough, as there's no way to show the balance (deducting Credit Amount from Debit Amount) in the next row. So I need to go with breaks.

Here the problem is what to set for break, as this to be shown at the end of the table. No field qualifies for break here. Any idea ?

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Re: Total and Balance at the end of the table


I guess that you can add an invisible numerical column that you don't set (so it's zero all the way) and set your break on it

At the end of the table, you should get the break for the value 0, and you can put your balance in it

Or you just set the balance in a separate field under the table.

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von Fabrice Harari - am 03.06.2017 10:46
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