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[WD19] How to save and redisplay currency symbol

Startbeitrag von Mujahid am 05.06.2017 15:14

Hi all,

I have try to use BufferToHexa() and HexaToBuffer to save the currency symbol like this http://www.currencysymbols.in/

But no success to redisplay is again. It is display a question symbol "?".

In the file analysis my setting for the currency symbol is Text (String).

Any tips and correct way?

Thanks a lot.




Converting to Hexa is probably unnecessary.
However, it is stated on the site that this is utf8, so either use utf8xxx functions, or (and maybe both) use uncideo strings and variables, as these symbols clearly are not all part of the regular ansi table.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.06.2017 17:29
Hi Mr Fabrice,

Thanks for the idea.

Im success by using this.

Res is unsigned int
Res = HexaToInt(EDT_HexSimbol) // This is standard Hex Simbol from http://www.currencysymbols.in/




von Mujahid - am 05.06.2017 23:43
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