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Startbeitrag von Frans am 06.06.2017 08:32

Hello to you all,

We have a backup system in our software.
Our customers are asking for a realtime backup.
My questions:
- anybody any idea how to arrange this with HFSQL
- What if the datbase comes encrypted at 14:00. Is it (and how) possible to restore a backup from a few minutes before the dissaster?

Thanks in advance.



Realtime backup meaning that in real time all the time a backup is made?

It should be possible if you save to a backup location every time something is changed is added or deleted.
- via webservice
- connecting to a remote db



von Allard - am 06.06.2017 09:03
Hi Frans,

"realtime backup" is provided by either

- a mirrored server hard disk (RAID 1)
- a logging system with HFSQL & HFSQL C/S
- "replication" to a second server system for HFSQL C/S

von GuenterP - am 06.06.2017 10:51
Hi Frans,

I'm offering this kind of solutions via my WXreplication system:
- Even if the local DB is encrypted by a ramsonware, the transfer of data is done "logically", with interpretation of the data, and therefore the encryption will just stop the replication, but NOT transfer any damaged data (I am working field by field).
- You have the source of the project, so it's fully customizable, and you can debug any problem
- It is used by a number of people all around the world without problem, so you know it works :-)
- about 30+ pages of information and 8+ hours of video courses are available to know all there is to know about the system
- it's a little more involved than just checking a checkbox, you will need a few days to implement the system in your existing software
- you will have to go through about 30+ pages of information and 8+ hours of video courses to know all there is to know about the system

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 06.06.2017 11:09
Hello Allard, Guenter and Fabrice,

Thanks for the info. I go for the solution from Fabrice together with a daily backup.
With Fabrice's system I think it is impossible to encrypt the backup. Besides I can start a new backup-session every week.
With a daily backup I can backup all other data besides the HFSQL data. The impact off losing this data is much smaller compared to the HFSQL data.

von Frans - am 06.06.2017 14:21
Hi Frans,

What "other data"?

If you are talking about word/excel documents and such, you may want to have a look at my WXEDM open source project. It is MADE to avoid the kind of problems you are talking about:
1. all documents are INSIDE the DB and extracted only when needed
2. Because WXEDM is based on WXReplication, all files/documents are replicated with everything else
3. and also all documents are protected, encrypted, and safe from outside access

So you can add that functionality to your current software and therefore solve the two problems with the same solution.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 06.06.2017 18:00
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for your advice,

von Frans - am 07.06.2017 12:13

you can also put your time into the switch to mysql or mssql . That way you can rely on a number of backup software packages, supporting backup features of those databases. (like hot backup, point in time restore, and so on). And give that part out of your hands.

I don't know the type of clients/companies you are serving, but personally I don't like being responsible for backups as well. In fact I'm NEVER responsable for that part, that's for the IT guys. I am reponsible for stable software and the data going into the database.

Most customers can live with a overnight backup. In those cases I advice them to run a script to stop the Hyperfile-service, run the backup and restart the HF-server. I found that's the only way to guarantee all cache is also 'flushed', thus getting a consistent set of backup files.

If they need more, as you asked, I always choose for a next level database like mssql.

BTW: HFSQL also support a hot backup feature. According to the help it is consistent, meaning it will backup the state of the database as it is at the start of the backup. Then your regular backup software can pick up this hot-backup-copy and send it to a separate backup location. I did a test once and it is very slow, looks like it does a record-by-record backup. But it may help you in this case and then you already have this option out of the box.

von Arie - am 07.06.2017 12:54
Hi Arie,

Thanks for your answer.
I also don't like to be responsible for the backup but I also don't like to switch to mssql. This takes a lot of time (I think)
And customers do want a solution. And they want al responsibility at one person/company.
Thats why I am looking for a solution.

von Frans - am 07.06.2017 15:11
Hi Frans,

nothing says that the backup has to be managed by you.

It can be set up to replicate on a server hosted by xxxx, payed directly by your client, and you can put in place data verifications (in wxreplication, I can do a CRC of each file of the DB and compare that the data is identical)

That verification can be done automatically, and a report can be sent automatically to a nybody who's in charge in the company...

All that means that you can provide the tools, and leave the responsability to verify that everything is good to them.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.06.2017 17:57
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