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New version W22

Startbeitrag von Frans am 09.06.2017 17:58

Hello to you all,

There is a new version WD22 063m.
But not with all the new wordprocessor features..


I down loaded Webdev and when I installed the 10pack application server on my testing machine the install said it was 63 but when done and open it it says it is still is 59.
Has any one else seen this issue?


von DW - am 10.06.2017 23:03
Hi Dennis,

what is your testing machine?
And what do you open?

I'm asking because the server engine should NOT be installed on the DEVELOPMENT machine where it conflict with the built in system.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.06.2017 12:48
Hello Fabrice,

Test machine is in a different location windows 7 pro OS. I installed version 21 a month ago and after the latest 22 was release I completely un-installed 21 made sure I deleted every thing i could find on disk and in registry.

Started with fresh install from the download update version 63 and installed the server again when running the installer it said it was version 63. After that I installed my site created in 63 and it warned me that the application server was an older version 59 but it installed it anyway. After that I ran the Admin and checked the version in the about and it said it was 59.

Un-installed everything and tried again still same result.


von DW - am 12.06.2017 12:56
I did upgraded from wb22-64 bit for w7 from 59 to 63 with no problem at all.

Whooze, it is for a real App-Server,not the 10-conn free one!

Not sure indeed...


von kingdr - am 12.06.2017 16:54
Hello King,



von DW - am 12.06.2017 17:53

Yes, you're RIGHT the 10-Conn. is STILL version p instead of 63m
but the top right-corner said 30A220063m during the installation.

Hmm, they missed out.

BUT it is 100% OK if you install the UNLIMITED user version is 63m.

Awaiting pcSoft latest patch then...


von kingdr - am 13.06.2017 15:18
Hi all

I have already the windev/windev mobile 22 preview installed. It is recomended to make the upgrade or it is better to uninstall the preview and install the final version.

What is the recomended way?

Thank you

von James Smiths - am 22.06.2017 19:49
Hi James,

you can install it on top.

I suggest that you select the 32 bits version, though, except if you have a really HUGE project (3000 file sin the analysis, by example)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.06.2017 14:30
Hi Fabrice

Thank you for your answer. I will do it that way.



von James Smiths - am 23.06.2017 18:39
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