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Sever address changes after application update in.wx file

Startbeitrag von CS am 14.06.2017 08:56


I've got a situation where after initial install of our application the server name has changed, that in itself is fine and all clients connect fine.

After releasing an update some clients (not all) can no longer connect to the database, upon inspection the server name value stored against 'ADRESSE_1=' in the .wx file has reverted back to the previous server name - it can easily be fixed by correcting the server name but why does this happen.

I have tried searching through files in the app directory for remnants of the old server name and have checked the registry but cannot find anything wrong.

Any ideas?




I do not trust the WX Files.
I would store the database settings in an INI File using the iniread() and iniwrite() functions.
Then you have full control.

Best Regards


von stefan.kern - am 14.06.2017 15:50
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