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wb22.webSocket: where to find sample code + page for feature 919

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 15.06.2017 14:32

Hi All

Would like to test around this webSocket feature as the clientSocket calling is slightly different in C:\WINDEV 22\Examples\Training\WD Using sockets.

Wishlist, pcSoft should create a new directory with all New Features for 22 and future version as to increase its new product transparency.

Thx in advance





I agree. I would like some examples on how to handle a third party control that needs J son to operate. I get the principle but cannot get it to work. Help is not suffisient on this subject.

An example , very smal is good enough, with some code how to do this kind of thing would be verry mutch appriciated


von Allard - am 16.06.2017 06:35
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