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[WD22] Well done, PC Soft ... [WB22] Not so well done ...

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 16.06.2017 16:05

Just "converted" a (very) large/complex WD19 project to WD22.

Zero, zilch, none, nada - absolutely - no issues!.

From WD19 to WD22 and running new executables - and there is still some coffee in my cup.


Re: [WD22] Well done, PC Soft ...

Small miracles!

von Curtis - am 16.06.2017 16:43

Re: [WD22] Well done, PC Soft ...

From WD19 to WD22 and running new executables - and there is still some coffee in my cup.

At my age I don't worry too much about the coffee left in the cup. It's more the hair on my head that I worry about. :spos:

von Art Bonds - am 16.06.2017 18:22

Re: [WD22] Well done, PC Soft ...

Hello Derek,

I also converted a v19 to v22 project after recompile and release to testers the only show stopper was passing parameters to sub-report in a composite report. I was able to reproduce it and send it to PC Soft but they said they could not reproduce even though I sent a example project so must be something to do with my machine.

Other issues came later when I went to modify a report the data source for items did not show I had to do a save as for the query and change the data source of the report to fix it.

Next I had a query that I modified tested it 3 times saved it closed it reopened it 2 times on the 3rd try it was corrupted had to rebuild from scratch.

And of course like a stated before on the forum half English half French in links for the query editor.

I have not looked an further because I do not want to spend the next 3 weeks redo stuff so I have my fingers crossed everything else is OK.


von DW - am 17.06.2017 12:45

Re: [WD22] Well done, PC Soft ...

Hi Derek

You got real lucky. What I do now is recompile in all interim versions until I hit the target one. Have picked up issues before - especially with WDM.

But goo to know that it can happen.


von André Labuschagné - am 19.06.2017 16:25

Re: [WB22] Not so well done, PC Soft ...


I'm sorry but with WB22 final version problems seem to be piling up now.
I have some showstopper problems in a site that worked fine in WB21:
- Some pages based on a template display twice in a row (a duplicate page is shown under the original page). Other pages based on the same template display ok.
- From a looper the number of colums per blade is no longer respected. All blades now show 1 column instead of the defined number of columns.
- Overloaded controls from a template now cause an update conflict, so first I have to delete all overloads, then update from the template.
- The visibility per blade is not always propagated from a template.

Also the WB22 editor is slow to react on mouseclicks, just as if the display is always one step in front of the engine. So if there's a dialog like "compilation complete" the first click on the ok button is ignored because WB seems to be still busy.

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 21.06.2017 09:56

Re: [WB22] Not so well done, PC Soft ...

Yes, "bugs' in WB22 are piling up for me too.

Too many weird things to document at the moment - but lots of GUI issues.

A few IPage things now refuse to behave. I'll have to start looking through the French forums again, because it's impossible to know what is a known upgrade bug that might get fixed in the "final final release" versus something I just have to re-code/re-build/avoid to move forward with WB22.

von DerekM - am 03.07.2017 01:28
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