[WD21] Navigating TreeView Control

Startbeitrag von Christine Wagner am 20.06.2017 07:36

I'm using a TreeView to navigate between different topics. The TreeView has only three levels. Here is an example

Open Topics
Topic 1
Topic 2
Closed Topics
Topic 3
Topic 4

The Topics may have the same name, so I'm using the duplicate functionality. On Click I'm showing the details of the topic on the right side of the window.
Everything works so far.

Now my problem:
We want to allow the user to navigate this tree using PageUp and PageDown (as is default in the rest of our application). I created a Button with PageDown as Shortcut. So far so good.

But I found no possibility to get the next node of the tree. The code should be something like

sCurPath is string = TreeSelect(TREE,true)
//TODO get next node

Any idea how to implement this "TODO get next node"?

Best regards

Christine Wagner


Hi Christine,

you can create a SelectNextLine function by doing:
- a TreeListItem to get the tree content in an orderly manner,
- then loop in the result to find your current position
- get the next one
- do a TreeSelectPlus of it

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.06.2017 11:49
Hi Fabrice,

thank you for your answer. I tried to get it to work, but time ran out. So now we decided to skip this navigation. Perhaps I will try it again at a later time.

Best regards

Christine Wagner

von Christine Wagner - am 23.06.2017 15:03
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