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[WD20] Switching a connection var from client/server to classis files and back to client/server [SOLVED]

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 21.06.2017 20:42

I have a connection var that is defined in the project in it code. I use this connection var to successfully connect to my remote db. I can close the connection, modify the connection var to use local files and successfully connect to my local db. The problem is when I try to switch back to remote it's creating a new db somewhere. I can't find where the data is stored, but it's definitely stored somewhere. I get no errors when running the code. I can not understand why I can't reconnect to the remote db.

Here's my connection code. See anything suspect?:


// Parameters of the database connection for 'Main' files in the analysis
UserServer..Server = "myDbServer.com"
UserServer..User = gsUserName
UserServer..Password = gsPassword
UserServer..Database = gsDatabase
UserServer..Provider = hAccessHFClientServer
UserServer..CryptMethod = hCryptNo
UserServer..Compression = True
UserServer..ExtendedInfo = "WD Connection Timeout = 8;"

// Establish the connection
IF NOT HOpenConnection(UserServer) THEN

Error("Error opening user database.")


// Open and connect all files in the main folder Analysis
IF NOT HChangeConnection("Main", UserServer) THEN

Error("Error connecting to user database.")


DisconnectionCode() // This runs before ConnectRemoteDatabase() and ConnectLocalDatabase(). I have tried using either line or both.

IF NOT HClose("*") THEN Trace("Error closing files")
IF NOT HCloseConnection(UserServer) THEN Trace("Error closing connection")


UserServer..Server = "local data"
UserServer..Provider = hAccessHF7
UserServer..Compression = True

IF NOT HOpenConnection(UserServer) THEN



// Open and connect Config file
HChangeConnection("Main", UserServer)


Re: [WD20] Switching a connection var from client/server to classis files and back to client/server

Hi Curtis,

you are doing a changeconnection to classic, but you are NOT doing a hchangedirectory to DEFINE where your files should be.

Just add a hchangedirectory to set the files where you want them and you'll be ok..

if you want to know WHERE they are without it, just do info(OneFoleName..Directory)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 22.06.2017 12:08

Re: [WD20] Switching a connection var from client/server to classis files and back to client/server


Thanks Fabrice!

von Curtis - am 22.06.2017 14:35
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