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[WD22] Static Control: RTF-Text disappears

Startbeitrag von GuenterP am 23.06.2017 17:15


in WINDEV 22 / 22063m, if a Static Control is set to RTF, the RTF-Text is not shown anymore, the Controls appears to be empty .... did you hear of any cure?

Edit: has been sent to Tech Support already!


Hi, solution: change monitor!
Yes. That monitor (2560 x 1440) is on my table for 1,5 years!

Everything with RTF Static Controls worked fine in WINDEV 21. Switching to WINDEV 22 / the Windows Editor made all contents from all RTF style Static Controls disappear. In the compiled program or running it at GO, the content was shown. Logically, I thought that the problem was in WD22. Ok, it still is, but PC Soft doesn't see that as a problem which they could solve. So, I'm back working with my 1920 x 1200 monitor ....

von GuenterP - am 01.07.2017 04:57
Hello Guenter,

I tried that in WD22 with rtf static and rtf edit. (also 2564x1440)
This is a new project with a new window with the controls.
No problem.

Did you try to change the resolution to a nbit lower one? Not nice but..

von Frans - am 01.07.2017 12:28
Hi Frans,

yes, I did try that. Btw it's an Acer G247HYU monitor 2560 x 1440. With lower resolution the text starts to show with two or three characters, but there's no RTF text. WINDEV 21 shows the RTF text correctly and everything, but WINDEV 22 does not. With compiled programs or even in GO the RTF text is shown as it should be. On the same monitor.

However, same computer, no change of drivers but it's a Samsung SyncMaster 245B with 1920 x 1200 now. With WINDEV 22 everything is shown like in WINDEV 21 - no problems at all. It's a mystery and has something to do with WINDEV 22.

von GuenterP - am 01.07.2017 16:31
Hi Guenter,

I asume that you have the newest video-card drivers?
Or use an older one.

von Frans - am 01.07.2017 18:04
Hi Frans, yes, I have the newest drivers for the AMD Radeon R5 200 graphics card. First thing I've been looking into. Maybe, I should try another graphics card, sorry, no time for experiments and since I can continue with my work, this has to wait.

von GuenterP - am 02.07.2017 04:57
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