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Cannot download ver 22

Startbeitrag von Art Bonds am 24.06.2017 00:10

Have been trying to download ver 22 over the past week. Clicked all the appropriate links to download the 12.8 mb starter file, I get the "Sending Request to Package.Windev.com", and then:

This site can’t be reached
package.windev.com took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics
Check your internet connection.

This happens no matter which computer I use. Have tried with MS Edge, Chrome and Opera. I have reset my firewall to default. To rule out my router I bypassed it and connected my computer (and then my laptop) direct to the incoming WAN from my ISP, used /release /renew to get an IP address from them, and tried all the variations with all the browsers. I even went to www.pcsoft.fr and tried to dl ver 22. Nope.

I even went out to www.download.com and proved I actually could download a file. And I can get stuff off of other websites AND dropbox. Just not PCS.

This denial happens with ANY file from PCS, including the older versions. PCS just won't let me download anything.

However, here is another slightly strange thing... While in Montreal two weeks ago I was able to connect and download (at 95mbs... sweet!). So I wonder if just Eastern Tennessee or my ISP is blacklisted.

Any thoughts?



von DerekM - am 24.06.2017 03:52
Windows Defender. Will disable it and try again.

Nope, that didn't work. Appreciate the suggestion.

von Art Bonds - am 24.06.2017 04:06
Hello Art,

forget the starter file, and go to ftp.pcsoft.fr

everything is there

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.06.2017 11:00

Maybe try a dowload manager? I had problems downloading version 21 . With the download manager it went just Fine.

Version 22 . I did the normal download and no problems. Yesterday I downloaded mobile. No problems at all. Took about 10 minutes.


von Allard - am 24.06.2017 12:32
Yes, as suggested, I too always use download manager via the FTP site - having a really slow internet connection, it's the only way I could make it work. If you download the full package then just unzip and run the menu.exe file.

von DarrenF - am 24.06.2017 17:34
Fabrice... same result with the ftp as with the original.

But I did come up with a solution. Using my company issued laptop I RDP'd into our corporate servers (Miami and Montreal) and ran the setup programs. When the setup program finished downloading the multi GByte Wx files and proposed installing them, I just backed out. I then copied the Wx created setup directories to flash drive, then to my development box where I was able to use the install.exe's of all three products.

Of course I'm still not sure WHY I could not do that from the dev box, but at least there was a happy ending. Thanks to everybody that responded with a suggestion.

von Art Bonds - am 24.06.2017 22:16
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