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Startbeitrag von DW am 30.06.2017 13:54

Has anyone used planes I can not seam to get this to work on templates.

I have a temple page I use form my menu that is a tab control. When I set the page to enable use of panes and right click to set the plane on the control it is grayed. If i go to the zones and enable planes and right click I can assign it to the planes. BUT it does not show up in any of the planes when I switch them.

I ma sure it is me but there does not seem to be a clear way to use them.



Hi Denis

I did work a little with the planes, and I found out that for whatever reason, they decided to implement them in a different way than in windev.

So here is out it works, AFAIK:
- In windev, simple, planes are at the window level, and everything in it is affected. And there is a plane 0.
- in webdev, you activate the plane management either at the level of the page -OR- at the level of a CELL (ie any field container, if I understand correctly). You then can set any field of that container to any of the plane of that object.

However, there is NO plane 0 anywhere, so you cannot have inside controls that are visible from ALL planes.
To do something similar, you need to NOT activate the page plane, put a CELL around all the control that have to be into planes, and leave the controls that should be always visible outside of the cell...

This gives us the possibility or working with different planes in different cells, but it's a little more confusing at first...

Also, the page down and page up shortcut DO work, but ONLY when the plane container is selected (the cell or the page, by example) and the plane number appears in the top right corner of the plane container.

Except for these differences, I had no problem using the planes.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.06.2017 14:21
Thank You Fabrice,

Using the cell to have the planes did the trick it makes more sense.


von DW - am 30.06.2017 18:26
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