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[WD22] Word processor: PCSoft removes features, actual version unusable

Startbeitrag von Markus K. am 08.07.2017 09:34

Hi all,

i am very upset.
I wrote this week an email to PCSoft because i wanted to know when the the listed feature "Management of text areas" will be available. Yesterday Jerome told me:

"In fact, this is a mistake, this feature is not planned for version 22.
I'm sorry for this news.
It's planned to the next major release."

There are many any other features listed with a * (see here)

The actual version of the word processing control is absolutely useless.
Example with text area:
I have a very simple letter, there is nothing special in it. In Word it looks like:

Open it in the word processing tool:

So i thought i build a document without text areas and i use a table instead. In Word it looks like:

Open it with the wp control:

Is this a joke? I cant even build templates without text areas in word and use them in the word processing control. Did they ever tested her new control? It cant handle the most standard functionalities of word for writing simple letters. What should i do with plain text which is the only working feature?

I think they overextend themself with the promised features. Now they see they won't get them done before revealing V23 and so they say it was a mistake to list them.
It was the last time for me that i believed their promises.


Hi Markus,

This is not the first time PCSoft fixes a problem simply by removing the feature, nor the first time they include only partially working, paractically useless features in the new features brochure, just to be able to sell the new version. And probably also not the last.

I remember a nice feature in WD5.5. In the analysis the field description allowed you to define the tab in the form-type window where this field was supposed to be placed, when the RAD was launched. Very nice. But if you used it, the RAD produced an unbelievable, totally uncontrollable mess. In the next versions this "feature" did not exist eny more.

I seems their sales department is ten times faster than their production dept. Hats off to the sales department:rolleyes:.

Best regards

von Ola - am 08.07.2017 11:08
It can't be that PCSoft act like this. Ultimately, this is fraud perpetrated on the customer.

I hope many people will read this post and overthink their decision to buy/upgrade V22. The killer feature of V22 is no killer feature anymore.

PCSoft is a french company. In the EU there is a product liability law and they practice unfair commercial practices, including unfair advertising.

But if it has no financial consequences for PCSoft they will go on acting this way. They force us to pay for another upgrade to get the promised features. Try this to your own customers...

von Markus K. - am 08.07.2017 11:53
In fact they suggest with the picture and the description you could create, handle and automate complex documents. But thats just a lie.

The shown document is only possible if the end user builds it up from scratch every time. Nice killer feature.

von Markus K. - am 08.07.2017 11:57
I started using Windev about 12 yrs ago. Overall I have found it to be a very powerful tool. Like every tool I have ever used, I have had to get used to the idiosyncrasies of the company producing the tool. What I have found with PCSoft is:

1. If you have problems with women being used as tools for selling a product, then this (along with most alcoholic beverage and automotive companies) is not the company for you.

2. If you expect to have a feature be usable the first year it is introduced (a-la the Microsoft version 1.0 problem), then this is not the company for you. However, if you look a the features that were announced for versions 20 & 21, you will find that most of them work. So, each year you do get a bunch of new working features - except you need to look at the list from the previous couple years to really learn what is working this year.

For example, this year - after several years of waiting - the Linux App Server can actually be installed by mere mortals. And, next year (hopefully) the documentation of the feature will be current and accurate.

von Donald Montaine - am 08.07.2017 14:42
Hi all

That happened to me in version 20 when I decided the excel control was more that enough to sell this upgrade to some customers just to discover there was not way to print the sheets. I remember how a customer called to tell me hey your new excel control upgrade is great but where is the print button :)


von James Smiths - am 09.07.2017 02:23

All this reminds me of a sales meeting I heard about.

Annual sales meeting in secret location:
Agenda: Increase sales - of course

Client Advocate: Let's create a couple of really great features and concentrate on getting them perfect and bug free for the next release.

The Marketing Guru: Ok but let's break them up so we can count them as say 30 new things and then multiply that by 3 - once for Windows, once for Web and once for Android. Sorry make that multiply by 6, I forgot to add in Linux, IOS and Windows Phone. So that gives us 180 new features and only 2,720 to go

Marketing Genius : Add sexy girls in provocative poses.

Patriot Department: Make sure that the Help doesn't give all the details and that the examples only work when they run on 14th July. Put all the information required to get the best out of the new features in a non English language publication.

Marketing Genius : Add sexy girls in provocative poses.

Profit Maximiser: Re those great new features, let's just add enough in the first release to lure them in. It doesn't have to work that well and will lower our costs. That means they are locked in for at least the next two upgrades and during those upgrades we can add in even more half baked features so the process will go on for ever.

Marketing Genius : Did I mention about adding sexy girls in provocative poses.

Meeting adjourned.

Despite all the angst, unfortunately there is nothing else as good for my purposes so I must continue on.
What it does mean is that the brand is tarnished by these practices and that must make it harder and harder for PCSoft to attract new developers as it would be very hard for them to point new developers to existing developers prepared to recommend their products.


von Al - am 09.07.2017 03:26
What it does mean is that the brand is tarnished by these practices and that must make it harder and harder for PCSoft to attract new developers as it would be very hard for them to point new developers to existing developers prepared to recommend their products.

That's exactly what's happening!
And the worst: the PCS marketing/sales/strategy departement doesn't seem to see or understand that there is a real problem in this area.

It takes two to tango...


Peter Holemans

Anyway, if you can't wait for another three or more years hoping that all limitations are fixed there's plenty of excellent alternatives out there open to multiple programming languages and mostly available in as well desktop as web mode and touch enabled (compared to WD's editor)...
DevExpress Rich Text Editor
Telerik Rich Text Editor and Telerik Wordsprocessing
Syncfusion Rich Text Editor and Syncfusion DocIO
And if you look around you'll even find many open source alternatives that can do similar stuff. (syncfusion has a community edition that is free for most of typical developers on this forum. It may become payable for your customers depending on their size. Anyway, the full blown Syncfusion studio is very reasonably priced without runtime fees)

von Peter Holemans - am 09.07.2017 08:42
Hi Markus,

you should ask PCS ,
my upgrade to WD22 is a mistake , i suppose to upgrade to next major release , can i have refund ?

von ccc2 - am 09.07.2017 12:03
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