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wd error/bug?(undo/redo)

Startbeitrag von tst am 09.07.2017 06:43

I just cut pasted a large complicated brick of code and adapted the code brick to work with my current project.on accident i pressed undo 1 time to many resulting in a compleet removal.so i tried to press redo again (the arrow is still green) buth when i press no action occurs.Can i still restore ? is it saved directly or can i just close and not save and il be fine?


Hi tst,

in the Backup directory there are 2 versions of the edited elements. A YourWindow.bkw and a YourWindow.tkw. Make a copy of the .bkw to .wdw and open it as a normal window. May be, there is the code existing yet. Eventually, try this with the .tkw version.

Hope this helps.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 09.07.2017 18:15
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