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WM21 - Android generation error

Startbeitrag von Arie am 09.07.2017 19:19

Hi all,

all of a sudden I can't generate any Android APK anymore. Yesterday everything was fine. Today I get errors on exactly the same project. Laptop did not reboor or what so ever.

Also the examples give the same error, this on

error: package fr.pcsoft.wdjava.core.types does not exist

I already deleted the FRMK map under c:\Users\Arie\AppData\Local\Temp\, but that makes no difference.
I also
- reinstalled the Android SDK
- reinstalled Java JDK
- reboot my pc
- disabled anti-virus

But nothing seems to help.
I also installed WM22 (which I had not installed yet) and tried to generate one of the examples. Same error.

I can't remember that I changed anything on my laptop (did not install other software or something like that). It could be an automatic update of Windows but I did not get any message of that.

So I'm lost for the moment. Any tips are welcome.


Hi Arie,

I Had some issues as well. Might be windows . I did a check on the projects folder . made sure it was read and write . After doing that and starting windev again the problem was gone. Somehow the project was read only or a strange kind of lock was on the files resulting in errors . So you can try that


von Allard - am 10.07.2017 01:33
Hi Arie,

Try deleting the android folder before you compile.

C:\My Mobile Projects\yourproject\Android

This may help.


von James Smiths - am 10.07.2017 21:19
Hi James,

I already did that, but unfortunately that did not help.

von Arie - am 11.07.2017 05:32
Hi Allard,

that did not help I'm afraid. But it must be something like that, not having the rights it needs somewhere. Wm21 or wm22 both fail to create Apk's.

I'm switching to another machine today, because I have to move forward. Which gives me the time to dig into it on my own laptop. Using a registry tracker or something like that.

von Arie - am 11.07.2017 05:37
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