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[WB22] - Really weird - should I panic? [Chrome issue - not WB it seems] [Resolved]

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 11.07.2017 03:42

WebDev project running OK in V19

Now using V22 - sort of OK apart from some GUI issues noted elsewhere and by others.

So - moving forward - modify a complex page (billing screen) .. fix up GUI and improve some functionality ..

Test in dev env - OK.
Move to production test - OK so far ..
Connect with SSL - everything OK - except the modified page - it now splatters widgets all over the screen !

What? What has SSL got to do with anything?

Everything is fine except for this page. Not sure where to begin - but there must be something in the WB framework that is not affecting older pages and coming to grief only when SSL is used. I can't see any references to http resources .. oh dear .. i'm almost about to start panicking ...


Re: [WB22] - Really weird - should I panic? [Chrome issue - not WB it seems]

Whew! Not WB22 - as it is working fine with all browsers except Chrome. - Sorry WB!

Now - if anyone is up-to-speed with Chrome - and how to flush out whatever it is caching ..
- close - open Chrome doesn't help


Chrome > Setting > Clear Browsing Data > Clear images and data

Now working fine. Never had to do that before. If anyone knows how to force this without end-user intervention that would be helpful.

von DerekM - am 11.07.2017 04:21
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