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[WD21] - Timer suggestions

Startbeitrag von JP am 11.07.2017 07:29

Hi All

Looking for a best practice suggestion. I want to build some sort of timer/scheduler into my app so that it will auto-exit at a certain time of the day e.g. 1am. This is to force all users who are logged in but left their desks to be auto logged off. Any suggestions for this simple thing?



Hi JP,

My free groupware class do this, but after n minutes of inactivity. But you can easily change the behavior if you like (or copy some blocks of code).

Look for the post Groupware made for you


von Tor-Bjarne - am 11.07.2017 08:01
Thanks Tor-Bjarne. I have just found the TIMER() function in WinDev help which is perfect for what I need. I can just call that every 10 minutes or so.


von JP - am 11.07.2017 08:12
Even better / simpler - now just using an automatic procedure built into WinDev :)

von JP - am 11.07.2017 08:21

Yes - they are cool :) but I recon you don`t want to force a user to log on again if he/she have been working and are active the whole time?


von Tor-Bjarne - am 11.07.2017 08:44

I'm logging users off but only (a) when running under terminal services mode, and (b) between 1am and 2am in the morning so that other things can be done on the servers (e.g. reboots, patching, etc.). Plus our system automatically saves all windows, configurations, settings, preferences, on exit so user can instantly restart as he left it.


von JP - am 11.07.2017 09:30
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