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Startbeitrag von ICI am 12.07.2017 08:40

Hi to all
I try to make simple Dynamic project (one simple table and one form with table control)
and deploy it on WEB. I make this web project.

1. What I need to do ? How to generate and prepare for the WEB ?
2. Only PC SOFT web server is possible ?
3. Is there some video or explanation of this situation ?

How to control data, connection and so on, on the server. Database need to be on some local network accessible from internet. (Like Catalog with prices, quantity or similar) and presented on web pages.

I try to understand this situation but help is very complicated for me.
I know that PHP and static can be deployed from webdev, but it is not situation with webdev dynamic pages with hfsql C/S. :)

Thank you.



1. First you need to decide WHERE you want to deploy:
- your own server (or a rented dedicated server): you need to buy the webdev application server from PCSoft and install it on your server, along with HFSQL
- a hosted dedicated webdev server, or a hosted shared webdev server that yo can rent at any of the listed webdev hosting provider listed on pcsoft web site (rent, then follow the instruction they sent)
- pcsoft "cloud" (rent, then follow the instruction they sent)

Then, you'll use the deployment mechanism provided in Webdev, with the settings provided by you, the hosting provider or pcsoft.

2. no, as stated above

3. Yes, in the help, as usual.

Deployment is very simple, just follow the wizard (once you have all the settings sent by your hosting provider)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.07.2017 11:31

Best things to do ( in my opinion)
You Need the application server and yes only the application server of PCSoft can be used.
I know that is a pity but It is the way it is. ( if one could use for instance glassfish or any other java app server then it would be a lot easier to get a web app installed at a big company )

- Host the site at pcsoft ( the provide cloud services )
- Get your own vps and buy the application server and install the app server on the vps
- Find some other hosting party that provide the app server

I did the second one. Because it gives you all the flexibility you need now and maybe in the future. It is basically the same as having your own server. (Cool thing is for instance building a windev app that does something that is not possible with webdev )
To install the app server pic windows . But I have recently heard on this forum that Linux can be used as well. Still I would take windows . Installing everything is a snap.
Video – surch for uncle pete corner. The man called Pete has a great website. As well . Very useful. Just google this.
Handling data from a local db is an other story. There are lots of ways to get that data . Good , bad and very ugly . I suggest take a look at that ones you get your way in using webdev.

Hope this helps


von Allard - am 12.07.2017 11:41
Thank you both for suggestions .

Another questions is one of my interest
1. My private server?
- You mean example: Windows Server OS (2012 or 2016)
- Install IIS
a) create FTP,
b) add users and permissions
c) deploy app_web folder into FTP
d) install Web Application Server from PC SOFT

and maintain web application on my own server

Thank you !

von ICI - am 12.07.2017 20:27
Yes, exactly...

Don't forget that your server also has to be accessible from the web (except if its an intranet) and that you need a fast enough internet connection to server comfortably you users.

Which is why, most of the time, you end up renting a dedicated server (which is exactly what you described, but with a VERY fast internet connection, both up and down)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.07.2017 21:17
We can do hosting..




von bosher - am 13.07.2017 08:02
One other alternative for hosting is www.boxis.net

von sun soft - am 13.07.2017 08:34

There are lots of VPS profiders. Some are verry cheep and very good :spos: and some are cheep and bad :sneg:

As Fabrice suggested . They are reacheble over the net via an external desktop connection and that works great. You can do everything . Even reinstalling windows if you want to
so no need for dedicated server anymore.

Nice thing from the good vps profiders is that you can upgrade and instanly get more power ( Often up to 16 GB internal Mem and Hundreds of GB storage)

I have a vps that is very fast. Up down and lots of bandwith. And Hosted in Germany . Nice if you want some privacy :xcool:

So you can do it all yourself or spend a little more and have good support the boxis seems to be quite a good deal if chf is equal to EUR Or Dollar haha ..



von Allard - am 16.07.2017 02:59
Thank you Allard and Fabrice.

I have created FTP Server.
Now on deploy site Webdev ask me for Webdev account. What is it ?
I try with User Name which I use to enter into Webdev. It is not correct.

1. Do I need first install Application Server and make some account on that software or what?
2. I can connect on ftp server from Chrome or similar browsers but can not from webdev
3. Even when I create Installation for FTP (4th option) I need to configure parameters for connection.

Thank you !

von ICI - am 18.07.2017 09:00
Hi ICi,

What I do is just create physical media setup on dev machine
Then open the vps and just copy that to the vps
Then on VPS do run the installer

No need to figger out all the settings :spos:

Maybe a bit quick and dirty way of doing things but it works and it is a very fast way

So when updating a site this can be done this way as well . However You then can do with just the changes. I have not figgert out how that exactly works yet;)



von Allard - am 18.07.2017 12:20
Is that possible only on Server machine or I can test it on dev machine too with FTP server
created. Maybe to mention, I use WB22 to try this.
1. From where you start INSTALL ?

a) From Chrome (FTP:// can not start. ask to download
b) I was try it from folder (TEMP) which I make for test FTP an get another errors.

von ICI - am 18.07.2017 17:46
You should remember that WAS is capable of multi-tenant hosting and the installer is geared to this. Hence the FTP deployment etc. The installer is very buggy and should be much simpler to deploy. Manual registry entries should not be required but they are...

However, If you simply get it installed on top of Apache and are happy to use other means to get your installer onto the host other than FTP as another user suggested you should be able to manage it perfectly well without messing around too much.



von bosher - am 20.07.2017 10:23
Hi ICi,

Do you have an VPS with external desktop ? I have . All I do is just copy the installer with the external desktop to the vps. With external desktop you can acces the server as if it where your own computer. So Just do the installer and up you go. All is verry similar to your dev machine



von Allard - am 22.07.2017 20:12
Hi Allard,

I have my own vps and I just copy the installer using an external desktop. However, when I run the install on my vps I still get a message saying my site is not associated with a webdev account, and this appears to be stopping any required file modifications from running. Are you saying that installing this way should mean I don't need to associate my system with a webdev account at all?

Kind Regards

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 27.07.2017 10:19
Hi Guys,

I use an unmanaged VPS too and the install program works fine.
But of course you need to install the WB engine first.
After that there should be an admin webdev account to associate the site with.
With remote desktop you can copy and install the WB engine (WAS) easily.
Testing the deployed site on a machine that has Webdev installed is not possible.

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 27.07.2017 10:39
Hi Piet,

But you still need an IIS entry to make the site work, yes?

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 27.07.2017 10:41
I think something must be inherently wrong with the way my vps is set up. Although I installed the PC Webserver, and it is there and operates, whenever I run an install for my website the install software says there is no webserver installed. It then carries on with the install, copying the files in etc, but then gives me an error message saying the website is not associated with webdev account BSA (the name of my project) even if I set that user up in the webdev administrator.

I think this error prevents my tables from being modified, and yet at the same time the HFCS control center synchronisation won't work because it can't load a DLL.

I feel like I'm being sabotaged, whatever I try and do it's just not working.

My project is called BSA. In IIS I've added a website called BSA_WEB and pointed it to that subfolder of my website installation.

The database is called BSA.

I've set up a weddev account called BSA and linked it to the website.

And yet I still get these messages and errors....

Frustrated of Norfolk :(

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 27.07.2017 10:53

It looks like something is interfering with your webdev server engine. That happens when some generic hosting control centers are installed on the machine, like cPanel or equivalent.

You should make sure that nothing else than IIS (or apache) is running, as I had to uninstall cpanel like soft to make webdev work properly in the past.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.07.2017 12:25
Hi Reg,

I have only deployed this way with WB19 on IIS 7 yet.
The setup program creates the virtual directory automatically and asks which account to use for the site.
So there should be no manual actions involved.
First of all: use the option "Create a physical media setup" don't use "Deploy the site remotely".
Did you check if the service (Serveur d'Application Webdev XX (PCSOFT)) is running and is set to start automatically?
Can you start WDAdminwebXXX?

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 27.07.2017 15:42
Hi Piet,

The service is running, but I don't seem to be able to start WDAdminwebXXX. It shows as a site in the Webdev Administration tool but if I test it I get a "This Page Can't Be Displayed" message?

I am using the "Create a physical media setup" tool.

I was able to use the HFCS Control Center to modify my database table structures until I installed a tiny WD22 app whose only function is to run some scheduled processes, from that point on I've been stuck...


von SolutionJ-Reg - am 27.07.2017 16:56
Some more information ...

I uninstalled my website, my windev program, the HFCS Control Center and the Webdev Application Server, then went through the registry clearing out anything related to PCSoft or my Website before rebooting my vps.

Then I downloaded the Webdev Application Server and installed it, followed by the example blog site PCSoft include in the setup suite, but when I tested it I got a 404 error.

I then installed my website. I was not asked to link it to a Webdev account (I was asked with the example blog site), and no automatic entry has been added to IIS.

And despite reinstalling the HFCS Control Center I still canot use it to synchronise the tables of my website.

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 27.07.2017 19:21
Hi Reg,

I must say, I recently tested a VPS with Windows 2016 Server and I was not able to install a WB19 site using the 10 connections WAS version 22.
So I'm still on good old Windows Webserver 2008 R2.

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 27.07.2017 20:02
Morning Piet,

It's certainly proving to be a challenge!

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 28.07.2017 08:16
Fabrice, would you include MS Silverlight in the list of things that might interfere with the WAS?

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 28.07.2017 08:23
Ok, I have the WB22 WAS working on my vps, and I've managed to get my website working as well!

I had to give Read permissions in the Registry to Authenticated Users, which as been mentioned before, but I had to do it at a lower level than mentioned before, basically at the App level;

HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Wow6432Node\PC Soft\Webdev\22\Applications\BSA (BSA is my website).

Thanks to everyone for all the helpful suggestions.


von SolutionJ-Reg - am 28.07.2017 15:05

I Have it running on windows server 2016 . I use IIS for webserver. Installing is a snap. Installing webdev 22 updates etc is very easy. Just click ok etc etc.

Maybe if you want to use apache it gets more difficult? I do not know. But with ISS installing is easy and it is indeed very fast

Basic Sever specs:

Running on 2GB RAM
2 vCOres
Disc space 200 GB
Traffic unlimited (200GB No problem)

Rendering pdf etc is instant. The app server is doing a great job . Did try some basic testing, several users generating pdf files, on CPU usage etc and it was not noticeble. So I have to figger out how to do a test that actually gives some results;)


von Allard - am 28.07.2017 23:12
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