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[WM22] HTTPSend - System Error in Emulator ?

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 12.07.2017 09:00


I have an Android application that is using RestSend to communicate with the server.

When I build the application and run it on Android, it works correctly. When I try the GO button to run in in the simulator, I now suddenly get the following error.

WL call: Process of 'Method SendHTTP' (CServerCommands.SendHTTP), line 90, thread 0 'RESTSend' function, syntax 0 What happened?
System error sending HTTP request. Error code: 100138 Level: non-fatal error
Dump of the error of 'wd220com.dll' module ( Debugging information: Fonction (10,424) Additional Information: EIT_PILEWL :
Method SendHTTP (CServerCommands.SendHTTP), line 90 Method SendSysEvent (CServerCommands.SendSysEvent), line 5

This was working a few days ago, and the code changes did not apply to this function !

I rebooted the computer, rebuild the app. but in GO mode it does not work anymore ?

On a Android Device itself, it works OK.
In Windev I use the same code/class (its shared between the 2 projects), and there this code works correctly !

Any ideas on what can cause this strange error ?

I'll try to revert to an older version of the code to see if somehow this is related to data coming from a higher level.



Hi Danny,

Not to hijack your thread, but one of our customers gets the same error code, 100138, when our application -plain Windev 17 by the way- uses the HTTPRequest() command to consult a public (https) webservice. The funny thing is, he gets the error each morning when he performs his first webservice query. After that, it's gone. Untill the next morning.

I don't understand what's going on. We have close to 500 users, and this customer is the only one with the problem. Which makes me think that it's customer releated somehow, and not so much the HTTPRequest itself. If only we knew what error code 100138 means. Do you know some way to find that out? Or maybe it is simply the code that is attached to the 'System error sending HTTP request' message?


von Sohan - am 28.07.2017 10:22

My Stupid !! It seems there was an error in building the URL string. And because that was not pointing to the correct sever, it gave me a Error 100138. Had changed some setting in my app.

When a correct URL was provided, the function did work correctly !


von Danny Lauwers - am 31.07.2017 06:37

a gogle search of windev 100138 give this:

Si vous obtenez une erreur 100138 / 12057 à l'éxécution
Cette erreur survient lors de l'utilisation de services en HTTPS.

Il faut décocher dans les options internet explorer le paramètre "Vérifier la révocation des certificats serveur*" ( Options internet, onglet Avancé, branche Sécurité )

and a google translate further gives:

If you get a 100138/12057 error at runtime
This error occurs when using HTTPS services.

In the Internet explorer options, you must uncheck the "Verify revocation of server certificates *" setting (Internet Options, Advanced tab, Security branch)

As windows settings sometime change when a windows update is made, that is worth exploring.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.07.2017 11:46
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