[WM22] HTTPSend - System Error in Emulator ?

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 12.07.2017 09:00


I have an Android application that is using RestSend to communicate with the server.

When I build the application and run it on Android, it works correctly. When I try the GO button to run in in the simulator, I now suddenly get the following error.

WL call: Process of 'Method SendHTTP' (CServerCommands.SendHTTP), line 90, thread 0 'RESTSend' function, syntax 0 What happened?
System error sending HTTP request. Error code: 100138 Level: non-fatal error
Dump of the error of 'wd220com.dll' module ( Debugging information: Fonction (10,424) Additional Information: EIT_PILEWL :
Method SendHTTP (CServerCommands.SendHTTP), line 90 Method SendSysEvent (CServerCommands.SendSysEvent), line 5

This was working a few days ago, and the code changes did not apply to this function !

I rebooted the computer, rebuild the app. but in GO mode it does not work anymore ?

On a Android Device itself, it works OK.
In Windev I use the same code/class (its shared between the 2 projects), and there this code works correctly !

Any ideas on what can cause this strange error ?

I'll try to revert to an older version of the code to see if somehow this is related to data coming from a higher level.



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