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[WD22] IDE Sluggish???

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 15.07.2017 23:19

Is it just me or is the WD22 IDE less polished than earlier versions - I find that there are long pauses, for example when adding new controls to windows. It also seems to have changed in that often when I try to click on a control to select it, the description window pops up. And, often resizing controls is more difficult.

Is it just my computer or is this version of the IDE sluggish and touchy.

(And also, it seems like more dialogs than in the past, are not translated from French).



I can a gree on the translation part. :(


von Allard - am 16.07.2017 02:32
Hello Donald,

That may well be the case for the IDE, I have done little in V22 except recompile, test and release.
So far I have released V22 of a large application to 3 clients and reports back from them are that everything still works, it solves the Windows 10 printing issue and their impression that the application runs faster.


von Al - am 16.07.2017 03:00
Hi Donald,
I believe it depends a lot on your hardware. I'd recommend to use an SSD instead of a hard disk, it's a small price for a 500 gb SSD and it increases your computer's speed enormously. There is no must to buy a "high end" super performance SSD, just any SSD will do as a replacement for your hard disk. (hard disks will slow down noticeably when filled for more than 75%, you could improve that by defragmenting the disk. Note: there are different types of hard disks on sale. Some are optimzed for 24/7 operation and go to "sleep" when not used for a short while, it will take a few seconds to wake them up.)

Next, the speed of the IDE can detoriate a lot if you don't have enough RAM available for WINDEV. 8 Gb should be sufficient, 4 Gb RAM AND using the 64-bit editors may slow down the machine, because a part of the RAM will be swapped to disk. And of course, the number of concurrently used programs may affect the performance of your computer - if your RAM is not sized accordingly.

von GuenterP - am 16.07.2017 07:52
Actually, the computer that I noticed the sluggishness on is an i7 with NVidia Quadro 4000 graphics, SSDs and 20 Gig of memory. All drivers are current. I am using the 64 bit IDE, so perhaps it is just not optimized well. I may try removing it and loading 32 bits.

von Donald Montaine - am 16.07.2017 13:37

I am using DELL all-in-one i3 with 4GB with w10-64 Home and have no issue
of sluggish at all using wx22 and so does w7prof-64 with i5 4GB.

I suggest you might try out other w/s to see how it goes,



von kingdr - am 16.07.2017 14:36
Hi Donald,

No difference 21/22 here, so if you have one on the same machine, it may be that your antivirus is disabled for 21and not for 22

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 16.07.2017 20:07
for me WX22 IDE is much slower then WX21 on same computer (latest win10).


von Alen U. - am 16.07.2017 21:26
I am also finding that the IDE is not as usable. Try to single click to move or resize a control or a file description box in the Analysis and the Description window pops up. Often the control will refuse to resize until after 5 or 6 tries. Check boxes do not check when clicked, often have to click to the size or on the caption. Just a lot of little frustrations that make it seem as though the QC on the IDE (along with several other areas of WD 22 was not as good as in the past.

von Donald Montaine - am 20.07.2017 19:06
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