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R&Q uses old reports (WD20)

Startbeitrag von stefan.kern am 16.07.2017 20:31

Hi Forum,

I need some help ....
I did my own database based report management system ....
What I do:
I deliver a project with reports (example invoices, deliver notes and so on) stored in a memo field in a database.
The user can modify this "base report" and store this modified report in the database as well.
When printing the report the user can choose which report he wants to use.

If the user modifies the Report I do following steps:
- extract the report to a temp directory using HExtractMemo()
- open it with runreportsandqueries(sMyTempFile)
- after that store the "new" report with HLinkmemo() in the database.

When printing a report I extract the report to a tempfile and print it using iPrintReport(sMyTEmpFile)

Works fine, but sometimes if I modify a report on workstation 1 the changes do not affect workstation 2 .... it seems that WX holds a copy of the old report somewhere.

Maybe someone has an idea what is going on?

Thanks and Best Regards



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