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[WD21/WD22] Zooming with maximized MDI windows

Startbeitrag von Christine Wagner am 17.07.2017 07:40

Our customer wants the option to zoom into our windows. As we have a lot of windows, I was very happy discovering the "..Zoom" property of the window. It works wonderful, as long as the windows are not maximized.

I've got two buttons (Zoom100 and Zoom140) and a global variable with the actual zoom. in the Init of the window I'm setting MyWindow..Zoom = gnCurZoom. In the button itself I'm setting the global variable and the zoom value of all open windows. If the form on the window is too high for the main window, I'm getting a scrollbar on the right, so I can look at the whole form.

If this window is maximized (which is possible in our application) and I'm zooming in to 140 %, I am NOT getting a scrollbar and the form values (Edit fields and static fields) continue below the visible part of the window.

My question now:
Is this behaviour fixed in WD 22?
Is there some way to get this missing scrollbar?

Thank you for your input.

Kind regards,


Hi Christine,

I would say that one way would be to prevent the windows from being maximized.
And to do that and still KEEP the maximized behavior, you would have to FAKE the maximize state.

I would think about trying to INTERCEPT the maximizing action (replace the standard maximize button by yours in the window model, by example) and in the code, instead of maximizing the window, just give it the size and position it would have had when maximized, while still keeping its internal status the same.

Now, I have just seen that you are talking about MDI windows, so that may not be possible, considering that MDI is an old an abandoned technology.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.07.2017 12:07
Thanks a lot for your help. (Sorry, I realized too late, that I forgot to thank you).

I did implement this Zoom-Functionality and our customers were initially happy with it. When the MDI-Childs are maximized, I'm changing that programatically before setting the zoom value (with MDIWindowMenu(mdiRestoreAll)). I'm even disabling the maximize button whenever a zoom value 100 is set. (I'm very thankful to this forum for providing the code for that)

I found out, that dashboards really don't like it, if you change the zoom value of their parent window while they are displayed (my workaround is to delete all widgets from the dashboard and load them again).

But I'm not sure if I can recommand to use the windows-property zoom.
Here are the two really annoying things, I can't seem to find a workaround for:

- tables with RTF text: letters are cut off at the edge of the cell. (An additional TableDisplay does not help at all)

- tooltips:
-- sometimes all of them are zoomed correctly
-- sometimes none of them are zoomed correctly (I'm NOT speaking about different windows)
-- we have some formated multiline tooltips (by setting ..ToolTip = RTF_Edit_Control) and they are cut off at the bottom

So this is my status quo. If someone has ideas to fix the zoomed display, please share.

von Christine Wagner - am 19.01.2018 14:51
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