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[WB22] - Scheduled Task with a Stored Procedure

Startbeitrag von David Cabrera am 17.07.2017 21:49

Good afternoon
I want to do a Scheduled Task with a Stored Procedure in WebDev 22, I have a small test project, where I created a stored procedure with only the following code:





In the HFSQL Control Center I created a scheduled task with the procedure I have in my project, I using a data base in my localhost. I try to run the process directly from the HFSQL control center,But I get an error:

The HFSQL "USUARIOS.USU_NOMBRE" item is unknown.

How can I fix this error?, Maybe it's simple, but I don't understand it

Thanks in advance
David Cabrera


Hi David,

in a stored procedure the files are not known while you are not connected with the database. So you have to declare each used file before use:


von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 18.07.2017 06:30
Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your answer, I needed exactly what you said, I had seen the function, but I was confused with the archive path, but with the pure name .fic works perfectly.

Thank you.

von David Cabrera - am 18.07.2017 14:10
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