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Check Box - just checked value

Startbeitrag von Mark Crichton am 18.07.2017 02:25

Hi Folks

I have a check box with 10 options. How do I tell which option user just modified?

If user checks one item, how can I programatically know which one was checked (modified). I want to be able to uncheck an other option that must be unchecked if this value is checked.

e.g.: if user checks [5] then I want to uncheck [4] [6] and [7] and if user checks [6] then I must uncheck [4] [5] and [7].

there no place to set them to false before the click. ( only init and click methods )
I could store all the values and match them, but seems unnecessary.



Hello Mark

I have not used a multi-option checkbox, but the normal process is Windev is to use the index number to identify the elements.
CheckBox[1] should hold the value for the first option, Checkbox[2] the second and so-on

IF Checkbox[5] = true
Checkbox[4] = false


von Al - am 18.07.2017 02:44
Hi Al
I do that, but it doesn't help to identify which the user has just clicked on.
I could create 10 seperate checkboxes, but that again seems unnecessary., and goes against the "10xfaster" mantra.

von Mark Crichton - am 18.07.2017 03:34
Hello Mark

I just tried in a test and it worked ok

Code in the Initializing event will preset the data
CheckBox1[3] = True

Code in the "Whenever modifying" event of the check box will work as check box values are changed
IF CheckBox1[2] = True THEN
CheckBox1[4] = True


von Al - am 18.07.2017 05:16
Hi, if you really want to know *which checkbox* has been clicked then I'd compare values at entry of the Checkbox control and values at exit from the control.

Info("Entry: "+CheckBox1[1]+CheckBox1[2])

von GuenterP - am 18.07.2017 06:16
Hi Guenter

Those methods weren't showing before?!? ( only had init and modifying... )
Yes you are right. I can work with that now that I you have pointed out the Entry into...
Much appreciated.

von Mark Crichton - am 18.07.2017 06:31
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