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Error - Need to be in string format for search

Startbeitrag von Joel am 20.07.2017 03:22

I can't figure out how to set this up to run right -

FOR EACH gpsdContact WHERE sFirstName [= EDT_FirstName AND sLastName [= EDT_LastName

Keeps saying it needs to be in String format like in HFilter - I can't figure out how to do it -



Well, I got it to this point -

FOR EACH gpsdContact WHERE "sFirstName [=' "+EDT_FirstName+" ' AND sLastName [= ' "+EDT_LastName+" ' "

And it doesn't throw an error in the Code editor, but when I run it I get this error:

WL call:
Process of 'Click of Lnk_Go ( CELL_CellTemplate1 ) (server)' (PAGE_Select_Contact_ReferredBy_SearchName_Dialog.CELL_CellTemplate1.Lnk_Go), line 31, thread 0

What happened?
The HFSQL security mechanism was triggered while browsing the 'gpsdContact' file on the '(null)' item.
Error returned by server:
Error initializing filter.
Unexpected word: =

Error code: 70209
Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)
WD55 error code: 209

Dump of the error of 'WDSQLSrv.DLL' module (
Debugging information:
Additional Information:
Click of Lnk_Go ( CELL_CellTemplate1 ) (server) (PAGE_Select_Contact_ReferredBy_SearchName_Dialog.CELL_CellTemplate1.Lnk_Go), line 31
EIT_DATEHEURE : 19/07/2017 23:46:50



von Joel - am 20.07.2017 03:49
FOR EACH gpsdContact WHERE "sFirstName [=' "+EDT_FirstName+" ' AND sLastName [= ' "+EDT_LastName+" ' "

I think that you don't need the first "
.... WHERE " sFirstNaam

von Harry W - am 20.07.2017 09:12
Hi Joel,

Is gpsdContact a variable holding a file name? If yes, then it won't work. Try using the real file label instead. You cannot pass a filename as a variablle to "FOR EACH", not directly nor indirectly.

See also

Best regards

von Ola - am 20.07.2017 12:37
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