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Database connectivity issue for Windev exe in windows 10

Startbeitrag von Vinit Sawant am 20.07.2017 09:23

I have exe file generated using windev 12. This exe was used to install successfully on windows 8 and connected to genuine database mention in initialization file. But when I switched to windows 10, application is getting connected to different database rather than one I have mentioned in initialization file. Can somebody please help me to get rid of this issue?



1 Do you know what db it connects to
2 Is it CS or hyperfile or and other DB ?

If cs or hyperfile:

It looks like it cannot find or use the inifile and then creates a new db to witch it then by default connects to.

What Does debugger say ?
Does it even reach the section where it needs to read your ini file?
Place the break points and then step by step see what happends

You might want to change that ini file to a xml config file. MS promotes that

Sorry but that is all I can say hope it helps



von Allard - am 22.07.2017 20:47
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