[WD21] Difference of TABLE.. and TABLE[TABLE]..

Startbeitrag von Christine Wagner am 20.07.2017 10:14

I can't find this in the tutorial book or the concepts book.

We have code like
IF TABLE_Example[TABLE_Example].COL_Title "" THEN
//do something

We also have code like
IF TABLE_Example.COL_Title "" THEN
//do something

There seems to be no difference.

But trying to use TABLE_Example[TABLE_Example]..FontStrikeOut = True works,
trying to use TABLE_Example..FontStrikeOut does not work? (I'm getting an compile error: The 'FontStrikeOut' property does not apply to this type of control.)

So I'm missing something. What is the difference between the two?



TABLE_Example refer to control table.

TABLE_Example[TABLE_Example] refer to current table line, the last add to table for example.

The properties for table and line are diferents.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 20.07.2017 10:31
Thanks for the answer.

So TABLE_Example is different from TABLE_Example[TABLE_Example], but there is really no difference between using TABLE_Example.COL_Title and TABLE_Example[TABLE_Example].COL_Title as both will point to the same column of the current table line.



von Christine Wagner - am 21.07.2017 06:21
Both will work but under some situation will fail you, like if the table is empty and you have code on the "Selecting a table row" process of the table control.

Better practice would be something like.

nRow is int = tableselect(TableExample)

//Or if you are looping thru the table use "Currentsubscript"
nRow is int = CurrentSubscript(TableExample) //This would be for code used on the "Displaying a table row" of a table control

if nRow = -1 return (Or error message)
TableExample[nRow]..FontBold = true


von DW - am 21.07.2017 09:14
Thanks a lot for this explanation. It is clearer now for me.

Greetings Christine

von Christine Wagner - am 21.07.2017 14:15
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