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Table->Form. -- Found it.

Startbeitrag von Aad Gouka am 20.07.2017 13:27


I have a kind of strange behaviour on a combination of window(Table) and window(Form).
When I click on a record in the table, the form is opened and I can change the date. When I keep the form open and click on the table behind the form, the table takes focus again another record can be selected.

Does anybody know how I can prevent, that the table takes focus so the position in the file can not be messed up. Both windows are Free windows,

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,



Re: Table->Form.


windev or windev mobile?

Is the form window opened from the table window or are both windows opened from a 3rd one?

How is the form window open? (code)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.07.2017 13:34

Re: Table->Form.

Hi Fabrice,

It's Windev 17 and 22 also. The tablewindow is opened from a menu and the form is opened from the table. The windows come from version 10 or 14 I think where RAD-generated.

IF TableCount(TABLE)>0 THEN
TableDisplay(TABLE,taCurrentSelection) // Re-display the page

von Aad Gouka - am 20.07.2017 13:47

Re: Table->Form. Found it.

At the start of the form RAD:Init() is used. When I disable this the problem is gone. I don't know whats happening, so I have to take a close look.

von Aad Gouka - am 20.07.2017 14:05

Re: Table->Form.

Hi Aad,

this is SDI. In MDI a second instance of the Form window would be generated. In SDI you just have to check whether the window is open already - and give a warning plus not opening that window

IF WinStatus("BR_FIC") = NotFound then
Error("Window already open!")

von GuenterP - am 20.07.2017 14:27

Re: Table->Form.

Hi Guenter,

Had nothing to do with the form already open. The table/form combination was an older one generated with the RAD. In the form there was a lot of RAD-code. Some codelines where disabled for some reason. I put them back to work and the problem solved itself

Thank you for your input though.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 21.07.2017 08:14
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