[WB22] - Layout mess - one fix working for me

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 24.07.2017 01:41

I think some of us have been have some weird layout issues with WB22.

One fix that worked for me (WB19 - WB22 - dynamic pages) - was to use the "Transform HTML static into Rich text area" option.

I don't know when this option was introduced - but I used this and it resolve a layout "mess". Strange thing also - even when I did an "undo" on this change (back to HTML static) - the layout was still good!

I don't know why (don't care either - as long as it works) - but seems that something has been lost in the translation.

I haven't even figured out when/why I should use HTML static versus Rich text area anyway. If someone can explain the benefits of one over the other that would be helpful too I guess.



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