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WB22 table on a tablet / ipad

Startbeitrag von Jan de Bruin am 25.07.2017 11:29


I have a website made in wd22. On a page there is a table. This table is:
- Ajax table
- Unlimited rows / all in browser cache
- content by programming
- about 500 rows

when i select a row on a tablet i takes 5 a 6 seconds to show the selection bar
when i select a row on a iPad i takes 2 a 3 seconds to show the selection bar

there is noting in the display event of the table.
Why does this take so long??




Maybe not put all in browser cash?


von Allard - am 25.07.2017 12:30
Hi Allard

When you choose unlimited rows then the option put all in cash is automatic selected and not changeable.
When i uncheck unlimited rows the scrolling on tablet and ipad is very slow

Why is the response off selecting a row so slow??


von Jan de Bruin - am 25.07.2017 13:06

Hmm I donot know. I have a table witch can have a view thousand rows and it is verry fast.

Is this the case on a tablet onley or the same on regular browser?



von Allard - am 25.07.2017 14:12

Only tablet and ipad
The scrolling is fine, but selecting a row is slow:rp:

von Jan de Bruin - am 25.07.2017 14:15
Hi Jan

Interesting. With limited rows as opposed to unlimited I get no scroll bar on iOS. Do you get a vertical scroll bar in a table on iOS if you limit the number of rows in the table?


von André Labuschagné - am 30.07.2017 16:24

Maybe it is something in your selection code that is slowing things down. Try the same table with no code in the on selection block of the table control, this to see if the problem is with the filling or pure with the selection.


von Danny Lauwers - am 31.07.2017 06:51
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