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Tableenablefilter() noodle question

Startbeitrag von d3d am 25.07.2017 18:04

i was wondering if i can make a complex filter with TableEnableFilter()

each number represents a month.... in this case all months are shown except January and February

TableEnableFilter(TABLE_NoName1,filterContains,3 TO 12)

above code doesn't work,but i wonder if somehow i can filter from a certain number until a certain number



AFAIK, no. However, you can easily filter the data that way BEFORE loading it in the table (hfilter, query, etx)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.07.2017 18:38
Hello d3d

Which PCSoft Product and what version please ?
This would normally be in the subject as [WD20] or [WM21] or [WB22]

The filter you need is "Between" and that option is not supported in TableEnableFilter() but is only available manually on date columns.
As you know the filter values before filling the table it would seem easier to filter the data before filling the table.

"Manners are no weight to carry"


von Al - am 25.07.2017 18:47

A possibility to do your between option. May work.

As you can have 2+ filters on different columns table, you could have two columns with the same values and set one filterGreaterOrEqual and the other FilterLessOrEqual and hide the one column.

von Mark Crichton - am 25.07.2017 21:55

Tableenablefilter filters on one field. That is it .

But there are several ways to get exactly what you want:

1) if you connect a table to a file or a querie then you can use:

Filtering the records of table

If you place and edit field above the table . Then you can add filter items there. ( info from several colums is possible)

2)You can use a querie to fill the table . Add a parameter to the querie and select:
"In the list of "

again you can add a stgring of numbers or let people add several Items in an edit field

3) Do everything your self with tableaddline() add a line based on conditions you set in this case filters

If you want a coding example of one of the options I have mentioned please say so I will be glad to provide you with some coding and explination.
All is very easy


von Allard - am 26.07.2017 00:12
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