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Building a wizard for Mobile similar to WD Wizard in WinDev examples

Startbeitrag von Don Schwirtlich am 30.07.2017 15:23

I am building a wizard in my mobile web app - the wd wizard in the windev section looks like a great start for my mobile app. The example that says "This explains how to easily manage a Wizard window" - I see nothing that explains anything, but the app is nice. Is there an explanation file or document that goes along with these excellent examples? In this it mentions use of cAssist class that sounds awesome - where would I find this cAssist class or a windev mobile version of it ?

Thanks - i'm in the early, newbie, and easily aggravated days of using this awesome tool.



Hi Don

I don't know the example in question and don't have the time to go exploring right now, but generally, a wizard is simply done in one window with multiple planes, ach plane being a step in the wizard.

Just look at "plane" in the help for all the explanations

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.07.2017 21:23
Thanks Fabrice .

von Don Schwirtlich - am 31.07.2017 02:33
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