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WB22 -> high memory use - very slow.

Startbeitrag von Aad Gouka am 30.07.2017 17:42

Hi all,

I am little :mad: frustrated in using WB22. Starting the environment uses about 150mb of memory. I have a simple project consisting of about 5 pages. After changing the layout and several compiles, the memory use reaches 553mb. The environment is reacting slower and slower and is not workable anymore.

Shutting down WB22 and starting again gives some relief, but after half an hour, I need to start WB22 again to keep it workable.

I'm using W10 with all the updates. Can anybody confirm this behaviour and better, is there a solution. WD22 on the same computer works fast.

Thanks for any input.

Best regards,




did you exclude webdev from the antivirus scan?.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.07.2017 21:24
Hi Aad,

I can say indeed that it seems to be slower then version 21. Recompile can take an enormouse long time

It starts with aprox 400 mb mem. Then after I do a recompile it jumps to 650. As I type this it has 645mb after the second recompile.

Updating pages form a template is taking lots of time as well.

So I can confirm it is slower. But it is workable.
( But I have a brand new computer with win 10 installed, no upgrade from windows 7!!! , that makes a huge diffirence !!)

Tip when testing code I make an adjustment to code and then do not run the test button in the ide.
I jump to an other page, in the running test, then do a save of the page Iam working on and then load the page on witch the changes are mode in the already runnig test. That works great and is fast. espacially if you work in a project that is protected by a pasword etc.

You cannot load the page itself directly for then it generates a fault .

If you change code in a class or a procedure that is not local to the page, than this doesnot work for it needs to load the whole thing. But if changes are in a page only it can save lots of time doing what I discribed.



von Allard - am 30.07.2017 22:51

Make sure you run the latest v22 WebDev (71n) with the Page fix.
There was an error in the layout of a page when there where breaks in a table control. 1 break -> Slow, 2 breaks -> Sloower, 3 breaks -> Sloooower (unworkable)

They fixed it in a patch, and now this is back to 'normal' again.

If you use breaks in table controls and it is super slow in editing that page, request the fix from support.

You can test this bij creating an empty page, with an empty table with XX column (50 for example) and than add 4 breaks on Col1..4.


von Danny Lauwers - am 31.07.2017 06:48
Thanks guys for the reactions.

@Fabrice. I excluded WebDev22 and my project maps from the antivirus. It seems a little better, but I did not test this really well.

@Danny. I'm running the latest version. I have a problem with the overall performance, not only tables. The generated sites however work fine.

Thanks Allard for the tips. I will try them out.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 31.07.2017 10:28
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