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Webdev v22 71n update hoses tab control

Startbeitrag von DW am 31.07.2017 03:25

Hello All,

I just updated Webdev version 22 to 71n and open my project that I was doing in 63 and tab control tabs at run-time are 4" tall in design they are 1/2" tall. Anyone seen this? This was not the case in 63.




I think they did somthing to the layout engine. I had e view problems, had to redo a screen layout as well. But moast of the windows are ok. And I use tabs all over the place.

As I see it the only problem I had were problems in windows I wos working on. In thoose windows I lost internal queries etc as well.

So a tip might be before you upgrade make sure no windows are open ( screen edit mode)

You might have luck doing a recompile.


von Allard - am 31.07.2017 05:51
Hello DW,

I had the same thing. I "anchored" the tabs again and the problem was over.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 31.07.2017 08:33
Thanks Aad,

What a cluster F****
The anchor is the issue but I ended up having to delete the tab control and recreate it for it to work. I took the example Tab Control made the page smaller and then set the anchor and it did have the same issue(Must be some thing to do with upgraded project). Next I created a small test project and set the anchor with no problems.

In short another BIG Waist of time. I find myself spending way to much time on work around then I do programing.


von DW - am 31.07.2017 18:10
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