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WM22 android unusable , I want REFUND

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 07.08.2017 07:17

I have enough with the bugs in WM22 . it generate unusable app

i tried to upgrade my android app from wm21 to wm22 (update1) . no error in upgrade but program keep crash.

few problems , I found
- close() not closing non-maximum windows. the no-maximum window stay on top but still sending callback event to caller (closing of closing child window event)

- some error switch to exception .

for example

ResCreate = zipCreate("AAA", G_PATH_TEMP + "/" + m_zip_Name)
IF ResCreate = 0 THEN
// Add a file into an archive
ResAddFile = zipAddFile("BBB", G_PATH_TEMP + "/" + m_file_Name, zipNone)
// Display an error message if the file was not added
IF ResAddFile 0 THEN

this should trigger archive file not found. but it wm22 it trigger crash. you won't get to
" Error(zipMsgError(ResAddFile)) "

after I added WHEN EXCEPTION IN then I see the error. after fixed the name , when run I get error privilege not enough , what the hell is that mean.

fCopyFile() allow me to copy the file into the G_PATH_TEMP folder but zipAddFile() prompt me not enough privilege ?

- when i miss type fDelete(M_FileName) to hdelete(M_FileName) , no error / warning from ide but when run i get crash

there are still alot for me to type here.


Dear CC2;

I doubt that this is entirely the fault of WM22, this is also partly the way Android works. I have an app running in WM22 and it runs as smooth as ever in v22. It uses Files, Classic DB, Push notifications, Webservices (REST), Multiple windows with loopers, Auto Zip Files and E-mail then, etc..

If it is one thing I have learned in using WM over the years, is that most crashes in the device are mostly programmer errors. You need to think that WLanguage is converted into Java, and Java is a bitch when it comes to stability. There are many articles on the internet that say that it is very difficult for a Java developer (via Android Studio for example) to create a stable Android application. It takes time and a lot of expertise and knowledge on how Android/Java works. Especially with null pointers in the various objects.

Also always wrap your code with WHEN EXCEPTION DO END and also note that in V22 a different (newer) Android compiler and gradle is used that can also has it effect the way code is compiled for your device.

I think that - If you follow the rules, mostly laid out in the WM Help - you can create stable application in WM without having to worry too much about the Android or Java internals.
You must also know a bit low-level information about your Mobile platform.

And if it crashes, you have to use the LogCat from your Android device in order to get some crash details, and to see where it has crashed. That info can be used to locate the line in the converted WLanguage files \Android\Compile folder where you can find all the .Java classes.
There you can see the WLanguage code in comment beside the actual Java code being executed. You can see what is happening and may see what the underlying problem may be. Not always as simple.

Some things in Android (especially version > 5.x) can only be seen at runtime, and not at compile time. You app can only write to SDCard or in it own folder. Security has been expanded.

Of Course it could, a bug in WM would also be possible.

It is good to also read the E-mail of Fabrice Harari he send out last Friday WX Info, He explains something about Emulator vs Harware.

WM may not be perfect, but is very usable ! Try writing the same app in Android Studio, and see what crashes and problems you have to face to get it working. You will need a lot more low level Android/Java knowledge to get you started.

Hope you get it working, nevertheless !

von Danny Lauwers - am 07.08.2017 09:18
Hi CCC2,

I feel your pain and frustration, but I agree with Danny, it's useable for me. There's always the potential to get these kind of problems with a dev system that relies on an "external" framework.

In addition to Danny's suggestions; when you first re-compiled your app did you select the "Download the new Gradle" option (sorry might not be the exact words for the download message)? I selected for WM to download it - it took ages, but seems to work.

von DarrenF - am 07.08.2017 10:06
Hi Danny,

every year upgrade from WM18 until WM21 . every year encounter some problem but not this big . this is first time alot things not working .

putting WHEN EXCEPTION DO END is a big deal when you have to place every place in your code . I don't want to rewrite / make huge change in my program just because of upgrade WM .

I had one program stuck at wd12 , and now I going to have another stuck at wm21.

last, Android Studio is free . WM is not . don't complain on something that is free

von ccc2 - am 07.08.2017 10:30

Do you know B4A ? It's very good. Take a look at: www.b4x.com

von Julio Cesar - am 07.08.2017 14:29
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