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Scheduler - where to start?

Startbeitrag von Garry Allen am 08.08.2017 16:08

I finally finished my conversion (from xBase++) of the Scheduler for the Boat Line and now I'm moving on to converting another scheduling program for a Moving company.
This time I am using WinDev22 instead of WinDev20 and I decided that I should look at its built in Scheduling controls. I must say I find them very confusing!
First I had to figure out the differences between the Scheduler Control and the Organizer Control. Since I want to use Resources (trucks) it looked like the Scheduler would be the best choice.
Then I had to filter out all the stuff about Android, iOS, Lotus Notes (who uses that?), Outlook, and Google Calendar.
And now I'm a bit lost trying to figure out how to start: should I create a data file that matches the Appointment structure or use my original files and just post them to a Scheduler?
Any suggestions would be welcome!


Hi Garry

Well the scheduler has a bit more "standard "files and has a different layout. Then the organizer. The organize is kind of an outlook agenda.
If you need to build something for a moving company I suggest you take a look at the gant control as well. It has the ability of the scheduler but the resources can be added in a tree like form and are unlimited.
Moving truck for instance can have several items for several clients??

This is one powerful control that can be used in the traditional project managing role but for advanced scheduling as well ( as suggested)
Indeed a lot can be done with almost no programming. But if you need specific stuff you will probably have to program the whole thing. So no 5 minutes clicking around but probable a view days.

But it works :xcool:

So you have to lookout for a view things , that are probably obvious to you but if overlooked can be a pain in the A...

You have to remember that a control can be programmed but if you disable something using the description ( 7tabs window ) then programming on that part does not work.

So I would say use the "standard fields " however you are not limited to them .
You can add a popup window to manage the scheduler control (or add an other pane to do this , or both like google) and Add for instance an hourly rate on a scheduled rage and form that calculate the costs of moving the time and m2 of the truck etc.

It may help to take a look at an example . WD Outlook ( for instance)

Hope this gives you some insight


von Allard - am 08.08.2017 17:20
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