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Function not found in DLL...

Startbeitrag von Patrick Thijs am 09.08.2017 19:23

Yes, it's me again, with a new problem.

In the past I've been using several DLL's in my programs with the LoadDLL and CallDLL32 functions of Windev.
This worked well everytime without any problem.

Now I'm trying to use a DLL for MD5 Hash creation of a file, because the built-in function in Windev is way to slow (more than a minute for a 4 Gb file).
So I want to try an external DLL, but everytime I try to get the hash of a file, I get the error "xxxxx Function not found in xxx.dll"
I'm very sure that there a no errors in the name of the function that I want to use. And I also tried two different dll's to see if it's not a problem with the dll itself. But none of the two dll's are working.

The DLL's i'm trying are :

- MD5 ActiveX from AzSDK : http://www.azsdk.com/md5.html
- MD5 Component from Xstandard : http://xstandard.com/en/documentation/xmd5/

Both of these DLL's should be very simple to use, but I can't get any of them working.

In my testprogram I first do a LoadDLL for the required DLL, this gives no errors
After that I do a CallDLL32 with that DLL and the required function, and then I get my error.
I also tried the API function, same result.
Using the API variable also gives only the same error.

Am I overlooking something ?





it looks like these DLL's are not regular DLL's but ActiveX? Is that right?

Then this post could help http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/read.php?27131,90640,91111#msg-91111
Where I use an acfivex dll directly in code, instead of going by the WD ActiveX container control.

von Arie - am 09.08.2017 19:57
Hello Arie,

you saved my day ! Your solution works !

Hartelijk dank ! Thank you very much !

von Patrick Thijs - am 10.08.2017 12:36
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