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[WD 22] Max Limit in a Table Control

Startbeitrag von Stefan Friedriszik am 11.08.2017 05:05

Hi to all.

If I have the parameter "loaded in memory / max limit" set in a table control then after nn records appears a message that the number of records is reached.

Can this message be switched off somewhere?

Best Regards


Hi Stefan,
this means that the max number of records has been reached and loaded into memory - end of game. This option is meant for a number of records well less than those indicated in the table's description.
1 - increase the number of max records with the risk to reach them unexpectedly at some point in the near or far future.
2 - switch the table control to browse with unlimited records (recommended).

von GuenterP - am 11.08.2017 06:10
Hi Günter,

Thanks for Reply.

Then i have to switch to a progammed Browse.

Thanks a lot

von Stefan Friedriszik - am 11.08.2017 06:19
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