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Font Size code editor

Startbeitrag von joe crevino am 11.08.2017 16:25

Just upgraded to latest version windev 22. Code editor fonts became real small. I go to options ... code editor... there is nothing there to change font size.




Can you use ctrl + mouse wheel inside code editor to change the size?

EDIT: In WD20 you can go to the Display ribbon while on a code window. There is a zoom box at the beginning of this ribbon.

von Curtis - am 11.08.2017 16:45
Thank you.. that worked.


von joe crevino - am 11.08.2017 18:24
Hello Joe

In V22 PCSoft created a new process for the code editor options. It is in the help but who would think that you would need to go to the help to change a font size ? I certainly didn't when I first tried out V22 and was really concerned until I figured it out because I can't work with the default size 9.

PCSoft have supplied three code themes that you can't alter. You have to duplicate one or more of them and then change your duplicated one.

I can't even begin to imagine any use for having alternate code colour/size options and actually using them as you would go nuts trying to remember if a green meant a global procedure in this project and but it was purple in another !

It would have been so much better to save that effort and use it towards fixing the years old problem of holding the size and position of the code window - something they already do in many other edit windows.


von Al - am 11.08.2017 23:47
Thank you. It seems PCSOFT is starting to sell more sizzle than steak ! It will catch up with them.


von joe crevino - am 12.08.2017 12:22
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