[WD22] Report problems

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Just a heads up to check older version reports after recompiling in V22.

Normally I don't bother as our main app has nearly 900 reports but I have complaints from clients of the same problem in four separate reports after receiving V22 updates.
The problem is that report rows that should take a single row now take up three or four rows.

What I would call straight data reports from tables or files seem to be ok. The problem occurs in reports that have procedures running in the pre-print events or those that turn cells invisible or not based on conditions set in the report header.
The report with the procedure in the pre-print was interesting. A numeric key from a non printing file field was used in a HReadSeek() to return a text description with the report cell then being assigned the value as Myself = Lookups.description. In a V21 report, the text appeared correctly as Left justified and centred and as a single line of text. In V22, the text appeared Left justified but was at the top of the cell and has two blank lines under it. Changing the code to Myself = nospace(Lookups.description) dropped one of the blank lines and removing the pre-print event code entirely and placing the description text in the incoming data fixed it completely.

One report responded to being replaced by a version 18 copy and recompiling in V22 but this was after I tried replacing it with V19, 20 and 21 versions

Another quite old report had blank cells with just borders overlaying the cell with the data. I can't remember why it was done this way originally. Removing the "border" overlay cells and placing borders on the data cell fixed that one and I am still working on the fourth one.



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