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DB HF classic / setting a strong password / what limits ?

Startbeitrag von newbie2 am 12.08.2017 16:09

i encountered a issue related to adding a pass to a db;
i used a password generator to generate the pass;
during Re generation of the analysis i give the password for the db
after testing i notice the password seemed to be ignored.

are there characters i cant use ?
whats the max length i can enter as password (hf classic)?

the db itself contains financial data the intend is to set up a password so strong that a brute force attempt would cost more (electricity) then my networth (taken in acount moores law;ramdrives,... )the minimal acceptabele length for me is 500 characters;



which password do you write about?
- there's a password for the analysis
- you can supply a password for each file at HCreation(..) time which has to be supplied every time the file is opened. The file is encrypted using that password.

von GuenterP - am 12.08.2017 17:26
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