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External or internal component?

Startbeitrag von Art Bonds am 12.08.2017 20:10

When creating a New Project, when you get to the "Wizard for project creation", if you select "Component" are you creating an internal or external component?


Hi Art

My guess is internal.


von André Labuschagné - am 12.08.2017 20:15
I have been doing some tests. Seems I can create an .exe program, add a set of procedures, then Project/New Configuration/Internal Component, select the set of procedures. Put the program into SCM. Then I Project/Import/Internal Component/From SCM... just have not figured out how to use it yet. Just typing the Internal Component name does not activate the auto completion, nor does typing the name of the exe that contains the IC and a period work (example... IC is in an app called dTest, typeing "dTest.ICname" does nothing).
Still playing with it.

On Edit: However, the IC is not being shown under "Describing the configuration". Strange. Hopefully somebody who knows what they are talking about and have already tamed this monster will log on.

von Art Bonds - am 12.08.2017 21:09
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