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NexMo - Masking number from Pool

Startbeitrag von ChristoK! am 12.08.2017 22:12

Greetings gang,

Does anyone know how to send a message from a number in the pool of numbers (but using masking)?

I can select number from pool
I can send using a mask
I cannot mask a specific pool number (which is frustrating)

any assistance would be greatly appreciated




it doesn't happen very often, but this time, I have absolutely NO IDEA what your question means.
What pool? What message? How do you need to send it? What mask?

I'm sure there is a context out there that would explain all that... :-)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.08.2017 12:57
sorry for any ambiguity...

message = sms message that i wish to send out
masking = where I want the message to appear that it was that it was sent from
pool = the pool of numbers I have with NexMo

let's say I have 5 NexMo virtual phone numbers (ie the Pool).

I want to send the following messages out to fred smith's mobile number
This is message 1
This is message 2
This is message 3
This is message 4
This is message 5

I want each of these message to appear as those Company101 sent them
and I want to catch the reply that Fred makes to each message...

if I don't use masking, but I use the NexMo numbers - can absolutely do all of the above.
if I use masking (ie messages came from Company101) I can't seem to set the number used to send the message, which means all messages are sent from whatever my first NexMo number is - this is an issue of Max Qty that is able to be sent out in a day.

what I need to do is say that whilst the number the message is sent from is always Company101 in reality
message 1 - sent from 12345
message 2 - sent from 12346
message 3 - sent from 12347
message 4 - sent from 12348
message 5 - sent from 12349

that way even though 5 messages have been sent it is only using the daily allowance of one message from each of the 5 numbers in my pool of numbers to draw from.

now NexMo, being helpful, have pre-built examples of how to do this and libraries specifically built for NodeJs, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and Go... but of course nothing for WX and I'm not too sure how to do a cURL version of it.

I hope this makes things clearer on what I am trying to achieve

Regards C!!!

von ChristoK! - am 14.08.2017 13:12

Now I understand the question, at least.

But sorry, as it is something specific to an external vendor SDK, without reading the documentation and testing, there is nothing I can do.

Maybe somebody else will have done that already.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.08.2017 16:07
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