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WD21 - filter columns of table control

Startbeitrag von Arie am 14.08.2017 09:16


the table control has a build-in to filter columns. (right click on the magnifier and one can filter the columns based on equal to, greater than, etc.

My customers frequently ask 2 things
- can this popupmenu be translated into Dutch (or German for one project I'm involved)
- can I do multiple filters, like street contains 'Amsterdam' OR 'Rotterdam'
which are not supported

So I was thinking of building such a popup myself. That can be done of course, but I wonder if someone has done this befire ad is willing to share some code snippets. Or there maybe even an example or an LST about this? I can't remember that at the moment


Hi Arie,

I have made things like what you discribe but not in an popup. Nice Idea . For webdev as well. I have mad a column selector with a popup for webdev as well this could be a nice addition.

I always use a query with parameters. To get that kind of functionality.



von Allard - am 16.08.2017 19:39
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