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DateToString WM22

Startbeitrag von DW am 16.08.2017 23:30

Hello All,

I have a IOS app for IPad and IPhone and for some reason DateToString returns in French only on some devices.

DateToString(dAddToDate,"DDD DD MMM YYYY")

I have the Setting to use operating system date language. I checked the devices and It is set to English but I still comes out French.

Has anyone seen this?



Hi DW,

did you check in the Project Description / project languages / Date => [Days and Months] and [Dates and Times in Natural Language] ??

von GuenterP - am 17.08.2017 07:29
Hello Guenter,

Yes it is set to use operating system natural language. But again the language is set to english.


von DW - am 17.08.2017 10:16
Hi DW, you can edit the day and month names!!

von GuenterP - am 17.08.2017 10:42
Hello Guenter,

Yes I am aware of that. It is then recompile send it to the Apple Gods for approval and 1 week later hope that it worked.


von DW - am 17.08.2017 11:53
Hello DW

Did you find a solution to this as im having the same problem?



von iso - am 02.11.2017 10:55
Hello ISO,

In the project description under the Languages tab I set the date format "Use the following parameters" "MM/DD/YYYY" and that cured it.


von DW - am 03.11.2017 16:46
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