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Shared Analysis [WD22]

Startbeitrag von iso am 17.08.2017 06:59


When setting up a new Project it gives you the chance to share/use the analysis of an existing project, which works fine, but if i choose to create a new Analysis but later on down the line think i d be better off sharing how do i then 'retro' use an existing Analysis.

I add this scenario before and tried to just browse/select the other Analysis using the Analysis Information>General>Directory..

But this overwrote the other projects Analysis and i run into many problems and created lots of extra work so dont want to do that again.

So can anyone advise the correct way to do this?




Hi iso,

using a shared analysis has to be planned right from the start of the projects. And yes, it's difficult to keep this relation between projects over the full life cycle, you end up synchronizing and synchronizing ...

If you want to start with an analysis from another project than I recommend to start the new project without any analysis first, then copy the other YourFirstProjectAnalysis.ana directory into the second project's directory. Using the Project Description and the Analysis Description incorporate the analysis into the new project.

If you want to merge two analysis-es then just open both project's analysis-es, then switch both to 10% or 20% display, lasso-select the analysis to copy, do a Ctrl-C, switch to the other analysis and do a Ctrl-V. After that you switch back to 75% or 100% display and put files and links in order back. Do not forget the file descriptions if there were a different "file names on disk"-strategy.

von GuenterP - am 17.08.2017 07:23

personally I have no problem sharing an analysis between project (see wxreplication, for example).

The first project create the analysis, and for the other, it's just a question of going into the project properties, and check, the project is using the analysis set in: and then browse toward the directory of the analysis in the first project.

Of course, any change in the analysis done in any of the projects using it are also there for the other projects, and when opening the other project, a window pops up to synchronize.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.08.2017 11:36
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