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[WD20] Shared Analysis is Read-Only

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 18.08.2017 22:25

I had an issue where I had to move 2 projects into new folders on our SCM server. The analysis was shared between the 2 projects. One project can still edit the analysis, but the second project can only view it.

I've gone to the project description for project #2 and set the analysis path to the analysis of project #1, but every time I open the analysis in project #2 it is read only. Has anyone ever dealt with this issue?

These are the posts I've looked through for help:


Hi Curtis,

your problem is different, it's part of the SCM. Probably you know that you cannot open Project A and Project B at the same time. In order to edit Analysis B, Project A (including Analysis A) has to be closed before.

von GuenterP - am 19.08.2017 04:58

Normally only one Analysis at a time can be editable.
Open all shared analysis projects, but make sure the analysis Windows is closed for each. Then the 1st Analysis window u open on either project will be the editable one the other will be read only. Or at least that's how it should work.



von iso - am 19.08.2017 05:08
Before I had to move the projects I was able to open Project A and Project B at the same time. I could only check out the analysis from one project at a time. This worked well.

Now with only Project B open I get a message saying "Analysis is read-only" every time I open the analysis. Project A is NOT open.

von Curtis - am 22.08.2017 15:33
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