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Linux - Translated into what?

Startbeitrag von Art Bonds am 21.08.2017 14:26

One thing I have always wondered about. To get the cross platform effect for Wx I have read that WL gets translated... in WM it gets translated into Java code to run on iOS, and for WB it translated into JavaScript. For Linux, is there a similar translation into another language? Or when the translation is done is it to code native to Linux?


WM can also translate into Objective-C for IOS and wd can translate into c++/c in
linux 64/32 native code with .so library with GNOME/QT lib.


von kingdr - am 21.08.2017 18:43
Fantastic, thanks for the info, esp the part about Obj-C... thought it was only Java.

von Art Bonds - am 22.08.2017 00:40
Hi Art,

The translation occurs when the code needs to be run onto another typr of processor (iOS, Android) and therefore is using what type of compiler is available for those, or interpreted by another virtual machine (java, js, etc)

For linux, as the processor is still an intel compatible, there is no translation needed, just the use of linux formatted DLL instead of the windows one, and the call of linux primitves/functions in them.

So no language translation here.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 22.08.2017 19:18
Thanks Fabrice, that makes perfect sense.

von Art Bonds - am 23.08.2017 01:09
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