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WebDev apps behind a Load Balancer

Startbeitrag von Michael Rug am 23.08.2017 18:59


Did someone test a WebDev App behind a Load Balancer? I'm wondering if these kind of webs apps as normally the load balancer forward each request to a different web server. But this is not a problem for state-less web pages. However, in web apps with state context, the story is different....



Hi Michael,

one of my customer did a few years back (webdev 11, at the time) and we didn't get any webdev related problem with it.
I think I remember his IT specialist telling me about a persisting context setting, or something of the sort.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.08.2017 19:10
Hello Fabrice:

Thanks for the answer.
I found this article regarding AWS Load Balancer, which I think applies to my question;



von Michael Rug - am 23.08.2017 23:24
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