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Best way to deal with JSON payloads.

Startbeitrag von Gus am 23.08.2017 19:25

Hello All:

I have to call a REST web service which returns data in JSON format, and I have to look for some fields and display them in the web page.

I tried JSONExecute( ) but I got "send error"... I tried with RESTSend() and it worked fine.
Now, my question is; what is the best way to deal with the JSON payload? Should I convert it to Variant or a structure? Should I use Deserialization?

Thanks for sharing your experiences.



I don't have enough experience with JSON in WinDev to know the best way, but this is how I do it. I use a variant. Below is a simple implementation.

sJson is string = // your JSON payload

vJson is variant = JSONToVariant(sJson)

// Loop through each root object
FOR i = 1 _TO_ vJson..Occurrence

von Curtis - am 23.08.2017 22:51
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